So now my left side has lost sensation of temperature

I can not feel cold or hot all the way down my left side of my body now. It all feels the same dull. So it what ever it is has changed. I hope this can get solved. I am done.

This does not sound good. I would call a medical professional. Make sure it is not a medical emergency

I would think going to the ER would be warranted

I agree you should call your primary doctor,but i had a similar experience but just hot water. I would get out of my bath completely red and light headed., my husband started to check my baths before he would let me get in. He also took over running my girls baths as well. I never did find out why that happened. I’m not sure its the same as what you are experiencing though. I hope you the best :slight_smile:

It sounds like it definitely requires medical attention. Please keep us updated - I, for one, am curious to know the cause!

You need to go to the doctor today! That is not normal. If you don't get a good answer from your doctor then you need to find a new one. You scare me with the statement "I am done". Please talk to someone about that also.