Small intestine ulcers?

Hi all,

I’ve had a few gastrointestinal symptoms over the last couple of months (actually for a whole lot longer - but the last few months some potentially dangerous things happened).

I’ve had most of the classical tests for Crohn’s or the big C, but in typical Aus style, have a month wait to see the specialist before getting the results. (Presumably if it was the big C someone would have called by now).

I gather I’ve at least one ulcer in my small bowel (terminal ileum), however the gastro didn’t feel it looked like chrohn’s.

I also see from a bit of a literature search that PsA and other SpAs can get associated small bowel ulcers etc, which most often are benign, and don’t cause huge troubles.

Has anyone had a similar situations, and if

So, how do you treat them?

What are you taking for NSAIDS? some of the COX 2 and "stomach friendly" (Besxtra, Celebrx, Vioxx etc.) have been reported of late to be causing these kind of ulcers. if it is the result of autoimmune, they are treated the same way as PsA..... (just no NSAIDS)

I was taking the occasional (3 - 4 times a week) ibuprofen until 3 months ago when the first major episode hit. The scope was 6 weeks after ceasing them, and 6 weeks after that, the issues have still not resolved (though have been relatively well for about 4 weeks (till yesterday)

It doesn’t seem likely it’s NSAIDs, though possible. It also coincided with my taper off pred.

In terms of treatment, I’m on Enbrel, which is not effective for gut inflammation in Crohn’s, (though the Rhuemy tells me anecdotally it works for Crohn’s arthritis).

If it did turn out to be Crohn’s, there’d be a compelling reason to switch straight to Humira. If not though, I’d question switching biologics when Enbrel is still working so nicely on the arthritis.

I guess I was wondering if anyone with a similar story has had success, for example adding in sulphazalasine (cousin to one of the Crohn’s drugs, or something else they might have tried?