church and a pain in my tush

Going to church today. I haven't been there for a couple of weeks. I have a recliner installed in the front row. My Bible Study friends asked the Pastor if they could put the recliner there so I could continue to attend.. He said yes so every Sunday I swallow my embarrassment and sit/lay in the service...The trick is staying awake now.! Put me in a recliner and this body thinks it's time to sleep. When you fall asleep in the front row, the pastor sees that...

Plus I have sleep apnea and without my BiPap I snore something awful. LOL.. I've talked with the pastor about it. He was very understanding. He knows I have a lot of pain and do not sleep well at night.

I'm having some concern about a very bad pain I"m having..Not really in my hip but kind of in my "sit bones" Is that where the SI joint is located? My suspicion is that I"m getting the PsA there too. SOmeone suggested steroid injections...but those have never helped me. I had an epidural which was magical.....for FOUR DAYS! I had them in my shoulder and hips and they didn't do diddly.

I have a huge pile of dishes waiting for some attention today. I will "suggest" to my daughter that she attend to them .I also have to put together my grocery order for tomorrow's delivery. I'm so blessed to find this resource from Shop Rite. Since I can no longer drive it was a real problem to get to the store. Then my friend who would drive me would have to carry the packages in.....Plus it was tough for me to get through the store...I would need a scooter and they were not always available or functioning. This way is nice. and painless.

Well I'm off to church

It probably shouldn't have but the idea of you sitting in a recliner, snoring at the front of the church made me laugh -- hehee. Sometimes sleep sets in when we least expect or want it.

What a wonderful and caring pastor and church community.

I hope your daughter saw fit to break some bubbles in the kitchen :)

quickie notes: My daughter did almost all lfthe dishes....just avoided one heavyy greasy pan...She did complain but it was after the fact.

I went to the pain doc today. He touched my SI joint area and I leapt off the table yelling. LOL. He was going to give me an injection but I was already so late because HE was so late that I refused the inection. I kind of wish;d have had it.

What a lovely pastor and church community for doing that! I'd have a difficult time staying awake, too!

Definitely sounds like SI joint pain. I have the spondylitis version of PsA , and my SI joints are partially fused because of it. I finally settled on Remicade as my medication of choice because it seems to do best for my spondylitls and PsA, even though it isn't perfect.