Road Closed

posted from my blog: Lessons in the Higher Education of Life

The road to recovery. There isn't one named Psoriatic Arthritis Highway, not even a PsA Lane. That road is closed - not under construction, not detoured, not down for repairs - CLOSED. There are little paths with roadside rests along the way, to sit a while and take a break. Hopefully able to rebuild some strength, courage and determination. To gain some ground, live some life, and pretend this treatment is the forever answer - just for a little while.

Some roads look like they could really go somewhere, and, sometimes they do, for a distance. Even the shortest time on any road that goes forward can be beautiful and encouraging. Especially since overlooks dot the paths, to stand at the edge of the highest cliff. Not a scenic view by any means for the PsA traveler, but teetering on the edge, knowing that the unsteady gait makes these spots so very dangerous.

There are many, many roads and paths that can be traveled with PsA, just not the road to recovery. Hopefully some day soon, maybe the first couple of shovels have already broke ground. But, for today, the road remains closed.

I love this post, I am truggling with coming to terms with having PsA and this is a beautifully written example of acceptance and hope. So Glad you shared.

Thank you Mamameli, I appreciate your kind words and am very happy you found some comfort in mine.