Today I am sitting on a beautiful semi-tropical island off the north west coast of Africa contemplating the last full day of my annual vacation. I've visited here each October/November since 2011.

My first visit I had some pains in one foot but didn't know what was wrong with me. It wasn't slowing me down too much and I walked and walked many miles each day in exploration of this gorgeous volcanic island. Each year my adventures have got, well, less adventurous. This year I'm reduced to short walks with knee supports and a cane and lots of taxi, bus and cable car rides.

I was hoping to be like a spring chicken again this week on account of my golimumab dose increasing last weekend. It hasn't happened but the beauty laid out before my eyes is tempering my disappointment. Next week when I'm back in cold and rainy Blighty will be soon enough to have to tackle the PsA rollercoaster.

My plan for today is to burn these stunning views and outlooks into every corner of my memory to sustain me over the winter and whatever challenges PsA continues to bring. I am resiliant and I will not be defeated by this disease, the world is too beautiful a place and I haven't seen nearly enough of it yet.

Go Jules, keep soaking up that sun and drinking in that view :-) I know everyone probably has diferent ideas of what resilience means for them and their experience of living with PsA. For me your post captures the essence of what I think of as resilience: to know the disappointment, to feel the loss, to sometimes cry from the pain and then to look up and take another step into the day, into living. Enjoy