Reducing Dose of Methotrexate

I have been on shot humira 40mg pen and MTX with folic acid. I lowered the doses my self.
I now take humira every 4th week . was taking it twice a month. I was on MTX pills 25mg
then lower to 20mg. then 15mg. I now take 10 mg once a week. My rhemy does not want me to go any lower because I may flair.
I have been having issues with cold sore on lip and skin rash on my chin below mouth.
I have cream from Dermothogist but was not helping so now on an antibiobic.

Welcome here @tommkate and thanks for finding us! I was also on Humira but only for about 8 months as a stop gap while waiting for Rinvoq to get approval for PsA. It worked better than MTX alone but not great. I was glad to drop MTX completely, it was causing the brain fog and fatigue. Make sure you are getting enough folic acid while on MTX. Initially I was only prescribed 1mg and had all sorts of skin issues.