Rash on right eyebrow

Hi All,

Its been almost two years, since I found out about PSA and started medication. I have been doing rather well on MTX, Sulphasalazine, folic acid and other regular medicine. Only few aches, for past few months.

Recently, I have developed a rash on my right eyebrow and it seems to be spreading and it looks like dry skin. If I touch it and scratch lightly, it falls off but comes back in a day or two.

Can someone suggest, what I can do for this? I am in clients' office in a different city for a bit and it has started looking weird.



Well, you should go see a doctor, VJ, but if you are in a different city, that may be a bit difficult. A trip to the local pharmacy should give you a good start until you can see a doctor.
Good luck with this, whatever it is!