My Rheumatologist visit went well. I read what others on here have suggested. I decided that I was going into my appointment with the attitude that she was recommended by my PCP and I trust him. I came in her office with an open mind. I am not a nurse. I am a patient who needs help. I relinquished my control.

With that being said, my appointment was at 0700. I was caught in torrential rains this morning. Visibility was difficult. I left my cell phone at home but did have iPad navigation. I was outside a poorly marked building and couldn’t find the office. I felt like I was at the wrong place, used navigation, was directed the wrong way, and ended up 20 minutes late. FAIL…

Instead of panicking, I walked in apologetically. I was on the verge of meltdown. Thankfully she saw me with a concise, condensed version of an initial appointment. I summed my history with highlights of the elevated ESR and allowed her to physically assess my joints. She delved into my fatigue and explained this part of PsA. We formed a beginning of a plan. I am okay with this. I appreciated her facts, honesty, and her allowing me to feel a sense of control of my disease.

So as I was driving before my appointment, the sky was dark and the storms were coming. I looked over and saw a double rainbow. I have only seen a double rainbow one other time in my life. I was at the Grand Canyon. For me, the rainbow is a reminder of God’s promises. I thanked God at that moment and praised Him.

As a result, my appointment went well. I had a sense of peace sent from God in the form of the rainbow. He told me… You will be okay. I was okay and will be okay. I will have bad days and I will have good days. When I have bad days, I will think of that rainbow. I know that God promised us that we will be okay and so will I.

Sarey, what a harrowing start you had. But it sounds like things went well once you got to see the rheumatologist, and you liked her. And then the rainbow … yes, a good sign!
I returned from my appointment in Toronto with a feeling of confidence and gratitude. The next morning, I got up and discovered a mourning dove nesting in the planter outside the bathroom window. This beautiful elegant bird, with two nestlings. One friend told me they bring good luck.
Have faith and keep smiling!

You know what? If we did not have this disease, we would not even had slowed down in life to notice the small things that matter. I do have faith today. I have a sense of peace because the Rheum was very well informed and broke this down. Most of all, I had the months of battles finally confirmed. The unknown was scary. I now have an ally. I now know what I have... AND I am okay with this. My next hurdle is listening to my body and moderation. I have NEVER been the girl with moderation. I have always been go, go, go....

Thank you for your support and sharing your experience. You have helped me alot with my transition. I am very blessed!

Take care Seenie and don't be a stranger! I need your encouragement!

PS- My Rheum knew of the book and stated that Garmon has been wonderful in her knowledge of PsA.

Don’t be a stranger? Sarey, there’s nobody stranger than Seenie. LOL
Seriously, you’ve taken the first steps to understanding and acceptance. You are going to do just fine, I’ve just got a feeling.
Thanks for finishing this day on such a positive note.
PS When I was at the clinic, Dr. Gladman walked by. I felt like I had just seen the rock star of PsA. Silly Seenie!

OK so I wrote Garmon and it is Gladman....OOPSY! LOL. Also, strange is good! HAHA

I will get it down! Yes, I am a firm believer that if I pray to God and praise Him that He will never fail me. I hold on tight to this mentality! My mantra: "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who Strengthens me" Phillips 4:13

I was once a person angry with God for some of the things that I have lived through in life. I finally came to a point that this served no purpose and God is a very forgiving God. I asked for forgiveness and never looked back at things that were bogging me down.

So I repeat in my head...Phillips 4:13 when I am struggling or need a boost. I have conquered so many bad bad things in my life but only so that I can be an inspiration to motivate and help others. :-)

PS=> I bet it was so AWESOME to see Dr. Gladman walk past you. It was one of those moments that was surreal. Good for you and your experience!