RA appt this Thursday!

Hi all - get to see my RA doc this week…so excited! I’ve been on MTX and Plaq since beginning of the year with no improvement. I actually feel like I’m worse - pain is worse, mobility has severely declined, sleeplessness is off the charts. I’m really excited to start something new - a new direction on meds…I assume biological injections would be next step. Has anyone had good luck with acupuncture and/or medical massage? Any special diets to try relieving inflammation/pain? Has anyone researched or met with the psoriatic arthritis specialists in Rochester, NY - apparently they are some of the best in the country.

Anyway…I’m not letting this get me down, I’m doing the best I can with it and not letting it steal my joy or energy to do fun things in life. I worry about misdiagnosis too.

I am glad you are getting in to see the Rjeumatologists. I have heard good things about some Rheumatologists in Rochester. You will find lots of information on diet etc under other discussions and then complementary therapies. Good luck guido2222.