Question about medication

Hi, I am new to this site and wanted to see if anyone is or has had any similar problems. I started Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine in July when I was diagnosed. I have serious deformity of my spine because it took so long to get a diagnosis but it's better late than never. Since I went on these medications I have been completely exhausted. I had blood work done and it is showing that I have a high white blood cell count. I really thought the point of these medications was to lower my white blood cell count. I have also been having a chronic headache and occasional dizziness. Has anyone else ever had these problems while taking the medications?

its hard to pinpoint what exactly causes what, at least thats what i have found. cuz the PsA in itself causes fatigue but waht i can tell you is that I was also on methotrexate (6 pills once a wk) and sulfasalazine (3 pills twice a day) and the fatigue was horrible. I have since switched to leflunomide and felt a lot better in regards to fatigue. I still take the sulfasalazine though. The only medicine that has caused horrible head aches for me was indomethacin. Any way, this was MY experience so I recommend talking to your dr. maybe you could try something that will lessen your symptoms