Pushed to hard this week

I over did it this week and I can really feel it.
I am still doing better over all but this is the worst I have felt since I started feeling better.
People really don’t get it. I try to explain I am physically limited but it doesn’t seem to get through. I always hate meeting new people and getting involved. I always feel like they expect more than I can give. I end up pushing to hard to try and do what is asked and then I hurt. I’m headed back to my rhumy in October to discuss treatments again. Last time I choose to go with NSAIDS and put off biologics. We were hoping to be pregnant by now but no luck so far. As optimistic as I have been I have to admit I’m still having trouble. It’s not as extreme as it has been in the past but it’s still there.
I’ve been stressed the last week or so and I can feel in on my scalp and my joints. I’m so very scared of the treatments. I’m even terrified of what my 500 tablet of NSAID once a day is doing to me. I have some time before the appointment. Hope all is on the up for you all, or will be soon. <3