Pulmonary embolism?

Has anyone experienced a pulmonary embolism as a result of their meds? I was sitting at home today on the couch and got this sharp pain in my chest. I'd take part of a breath and would feel stabbing pains under my chest.. I thought it would go away and it did after about 3 hours.. but now I am paranoid. :) I looked up my meds and that is one of the things that came up as a side effect. Anyone have any experience with this? Or similar pains?

Hi Natalie,

Side effect or not I would go get checked just to make sure, you are better to find out it's nothing, something like a pulmonary embolism travels, that is why it is important to be checked just to make sure. It could be arthritis also, but it is not something you want to take lightly. Have you verified the symtoms or called a hotline to talk to someone. Sometimes just talking to a professional can help and they will give you tips to verify. The reason is that an embolism travels (blood clot), normally always upward, heart and or brain, that is why I say do not take chances, I have lost family members because of it.. I am not trying to alarm you, cause like I said, it might be the PsA, I know I have had chest pains that have scared me in the past and it is arthritis in the chest bone. I would think that is what it might be, but just to be sure.

I am saying this simply out of precaution because we are not medical specialists. Hope it is nothing serious, Hugs !

Hi Nat, well I had pe about 12.5 years ago. But I was 5 months pregnant with my second boy,
It had nothing to do wit psa as I was only diagnosed sept 2011, but all I remember was that I went to maternity
As I had flu like symptoms and was not feeling very well, I was sent to other hospital for treatment, but I didn’t get sharp pains or anything it
Was just shortness of breath, thank god the doc picked it up from listning to my chest, baby and myself were fine, but I would get it checked out as anytime you don’t feel something is right
You should trust in your instincts, thank god I did :slight_smile: xx

Hi Natalie, I would NOT mess around with this. If you think it is PE, you need to be checked out. This is a very serious issue. Hopefully the symptoms have subsided and it was something less severe. Keep us posted!

Hugs, Lainee B.

Have not heard anything Natalie, how did it turn out, was it the PsA, just wondering and hoping all is ok. Hugs!

Natalie- I hope you are well.

I have taken two trips to the ER with random severe new pains in the past month. I hope you did the same with your chest pain.

Don’t feel shy to get help fast, you deserve the best possible care.

Thanks guys. I am ok.. have been watching closely for any other odd things going on since then and I have been fine. Not sure where that came from but I am definitely being cautious about any odd symptoms going on. Thanks for your support!

Hey Natalie, I'm really glad everything is ok!