Does anyone get psoriasis in your nose? It is aggravating and putting cream on in there is not nice. It's like a cut (that you get in other 'delicate' areas).

Yep, fraud so, stings like hell! Having an issue in this latest flare with hidden P, inside one nostril, belly button (I have a deep innie) under boobs and other female places! It doesn’t help that I have a permanent runny nose at the moment either. I’ve been using the steroid gel (in all but one place) for a few days but its slow to help at the right now. Aloe vera gel has sometimes helped to soothe it in the past.

Thanks for your reply Lousie Hoy. I also have it in 'private' places, it's like an incision in those spots. In the nose when you make a face, laugh, etc, it pull, cracks, bleeds and puts tears in your eyes like tweezing brows. Was in one nostril, now other, for a couple months then it goes away. Pesky psoriasis! Have a great day!

It's the ears, not the nose, for me. Behind them in the crease and in them, too. Itches like crazy!

Unfortunately, I too suffer from a bit of inverse psoriasis where the don't shine. My dermatologist prescribes protopic ointment. It's primarily prescribed for eczema, but works very well on inverse psoriasis. The plus side is that it doesn't thin the skin and can be used in delicate faces including the face. The down side is that it itches like crazy when first applied on inflamed skin, but this lessens with use. It also carries a black box warning ,but read up on this before being put off, because it is far from clear that there is an actual risk. In 7 months I have only used a quarter of a 30g tube and have had very good control over the inverse psoriasis.

I have this too on my left nostril. It calms down mostly if my diet stays good and stress down but you know how that goes. The skin gets thick and when I blow my nose the skin splits open like a cut too. It looks like a cut. The good thing is that it is not permanent like the P rash i have in my ears. That is constant flaking and itching. uhg. Take care and good luck. I hope it does not bother you often.

Thanks for all your comments. I also get it in all areas you all describe but protopic was not covered, I have hydroval that isn't great, especially putting cream in those areas! Yes, it's just like a cut as you described waterfairy, and thick. Mine doesn't flake, but annoying. Take care 'all.

I get it across my eyebrows, down along side my nose, on my chin, in my ears, and in my nostrils. It flares when I get overly stressed and is ugly as sin. I just try to adjust my life style until it passes. Sometimes it strikes with a major joint flare, sometimes it is by itself and seems to have mind of its own. At this point I don't have it anywhere else.

Over the last few days my, what has been dx by GP as rosecea, is a real sight! Sore, pimply, easily aggravated, dry and peeling, want to wear a paper bag over my head as it doesn't respond to any of the creams I've been prescribed.........thing is someone else who has the same face problems as me ( no not face ache! ;) lol. Has just had this re-diagnosed as P by her dermatologist Mine seems to run down from the P affected area of my nose around my mouth. Does this ring any bells with anyone else?

I get sores in my nose that seem to last forever and have never thought about them being P...something else to ask my rheumy and dermatologist about...