Psoriasis spot is angry

I have this one psoriasis spot that is angry, red, and burns. It has grown over time. Been on embrel for 12 years and it has been working but not for this one spot. Any suggestions on what one can do till I go see the doctor on Wednesday

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If it is only one spot and it stays to the one spot I would think a course of ultraviolet light B (UVB) treatment would be the thing to try…

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That was what I was thinking as well. I really don’t want to go off the Enbrel for i am in no pain what so every for joints. We will see what the doctor say tomorrow

and the doctor said…???

She is going to switch my creams and injected my spot with steriods. If this does not work light therapy… does not see a reason to switch biologics for joints are doing well. But if i do want to wants me to try skyritzi? Know much about this one

Glad you went to the doc.
I also agree with some light and creams. Hope it clears soon.

Speak with your Rumatoligist. I had great results with Stelara. Unfortunately I have to go on to something else as a result of infections.