PsA progression update after a break

Hello Comrades.

Just to let you know my journey after May 2017. Nail psoriasis advancing, but new cuticles are emerging.

The doc changed my shampoo and prescribe a tar and salicylic acid shampoo, which did wonders actually. NO MORE Scalp Psorialsis. Also he prescribed a fresh smelling gel topical steroid after shampoo for the scalp. I am happy about this.

Also like to relate that I was on a strong Antibiotic (Amoxycillin based) for a sore throat, for a week. But this did wonders to my joint pain. I almost became normal. Discontinued after the doc told me that sustained use of this will damage my liver. But I insisted that there is a relation between Amoxycillin and my PsA.

The psoriasis gutatte is just the same, no changes. New sores on the abdomen and front shoulders… a little different, small like acne with spiny tops. More like prickly heat. The topical steroids don’t work on these. Again my doc says that this is another manifestation of PsA.

Unlike rest of you, I am still on 90mg etoricoxib painkiller. The doc says that I am not yet a mature case to take Methotrexate or Biologics.

Hi N2,

glad you’ve gotten some relief from your scalp psoriasis. That’s the only place I have psoriasis and I’m well acquainted with the dance of the many shampoos. For me I have to cycle through a few different active ingredients when the psoriasis is really active.

It must be disappointing for you that your doctor is making you wait for other treatments for your arthritis. In the US doctors really take notice when you can document how the arthritis is affecting your daily life, whether that’s because of pain, stiffness, immobility, fatigue, etc. It also seems quite unusual to say that your disease isn’t “mature.” The ENTIRE point of treatment for PsA is to PREVENT THE DAMAGE caused by the disease. Once it is mature there may already be damage and that can’t be undone.

Would you feel comfortable standing up to your doctor and strongly advocating for yourself? Could a family member or spouse attend a doctor appointment with you to make the case that your life is different (like you can’t play soccer anymore). My spouse went with me to my third visit with the rheumatologist to “tell” on me and let the doctor know that whatever I said about how I was doing, it was actually far far worse. Anyway it’s an idea you might want to consider.

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N2_India, the link is between amoxycillin helping your PsA - it’s the sore throat that makes it better!

Many of us here have found that when we have colds, flus and throat infections etc, our PsA gets considerably better. Presumably this is because our immune system is busy fighting an infection (which is what it is meant to do) rather than gnawing away at our joints!

Hello there PsA comrade!

Good news on the scalp psoriasis. I had the same thoughts as darinfan about the sore throat, though I guess there could be other reasons for the temporary improvement too.

It’s a scary thought that PsA has to ‘mature’ where you are before disease modifying drugs are considered. But it sounds as if you and your doctor discuss the disease and the treatment, it comes across as a pretty good doctor / patient relationship. I’m sure a lot of us here had a rather too mature case of PsA before doctors started listening to us so perhaps your situation is quite a positive one in many respects.

Very good to hear from you!

What does your doctor think PsA is? A young goat? You want to stop it in it’s tracks, not let it damage the joints, then treat it…
Hope you get some help my friend!