PSA and IBS - Seasonal Symptoms

Hi All,

Over the last couple years, I noticed I was having digestive issues which seemed to kick in like clockwork around the end of October / early November and peaking in January before slowly settling down again in the spring. I also seem to suffer low grade depression (potentially SAD as it certainly seems to help me using a SAD lamp) over the same time period.

After some tests earlier this year to rule out anything more sinister, I was diagnosed with IBS which didn’t improve at all with things like Low FODMAP etc. It just cleared up on its own again this year as we hit spring / summer.

As its rearing its head again, was curious if anyone else with PSA suffers from something similar to ‘Seasonal IBS’ ? If so do you find anything in particular helps? I’ve tried peppermint oil / Buscopan with varying levels of success, dietary changes (no success). Anything work for you if you have similar?

Peppermint tea used to be helpful for me. If it is seasonal and you suspect SAD, then it may well be linked in with your serotonin system (most serotonin is made in the gut) and if you can get an effective treatment for the SAD it may make a deal of difference.

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