Promised Studies

Hi All,

I've promised to post quite a few studies in the past, and haven't had the chance due to always using my iphone and the challenges posting web addresses!

So anyway, here are a few;

A randomised, placebo-controlled trial of MTX in PsA

Note; this is not a large study, and had a fairly high drop out rate, so the conclusions should be taken very cautiously. MTX helped me, though not enough.

One of the articles describing the disconnect between clinical response and radiographic progression for anti-TNF (Remicade in this case)

And a few I haven't mentioned earlier;

A novel idea for the difference between anti-TNF responders and non-responders (though they don't explain why some respond to one ant-TNF but not another - this is really just at the idea stage)

Anti-TNFs can reduce Dengue virus severity in experimental mouse models (or why I don't get bad colds anymore - that's a big leap too!);

Anyway, enjoy the reading :)