Pricking pains in back

Does anyone else get pricking pains in their back? I have them every evening, either side of spine along length of back. Quite sharp - the needle's getting hotter! I haven't mentioned it to doctor yet - though I will - partly because I used to get exactly the same thing many moons ago in my late 20s & early 30s and a GP friend of mine said it was to do with smoking, a sign my lungs were feeling the strain. But now I'm thinking PsA, possibly.

Not me, Sybil. But it doesn’t sound a bit nice. Hope it’s nothing!

I've had some prickly pain in my lower back, but it was only a few times and didn't last long. I've had prickly feeling under my skin in my lower legs and always thought it was like psoriasis under the skin, if there could be such a thing! That would accompany the neuropathy in my feet.

I hope your doctor has some answers. If its PsA related, would that mean your humira isn't working?

For sure, Sybil...there is a long pain history and early on nobody ever even thought it was PsA! I don't remember, did you start out with psoriasis for a lot of years, or was your skin involvement a non-issue? All those years of having psoriasis I never, ever gave it a thought that I would get PsA. I remember reading that only 5% of psoriasis patients eventually got PsA. Now the percentage is way higher! When there is neuropathy, is that from damage already done?