Possible psoriatic arthritis diagnosis

Hi I have a possible diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis and was looking for some support. my health problems started 10years ago and it was at that time I had terrible scalp psoriasis.
I am a 25 year old medical student (in 3rd year)
I have ongoing autoimmune problems including graves disease and thrombocytopenia.
I have been suffering from swollen knees on and off since July and now swollen fingers and crepitus in shoulder.
I saw the rheumatologist yesterday, my MRI was normal and rheumatoid factor negative and now they are doing bloods and an isotope bone scan next week. psoriasis does run in my family and so does arthritis.
Has anyone got any tips in terms of what to expect with treatment, progression, the isotope scan, how it may affect my daily life.
I have been living with constant pain for 3 + years, it is funny how you get so used to it it is not until a doctor says its not normal you realise the extent of what you have been putting up with!
all the best,

Welcome Charlotte this is a great site. You may want to look at past posts, there is a lot of information there. Each of us is different with different PsA experience. You are sure to find someone similar to you. Good luck and welcome!

Hey Charlotte, much like yourself I tolerated the pain for a few years before seeking out a rheumy. It was hard to hear the diagnosis of PsA. Im 32 yrs old and even though I have a medical background, I still perceived arthritis as an ‘old person’s ailment’ and yet here I am, getting out of bed in the morning like an 80 yr old slowly standing up to straighten out my limbs, feeling the stiffness, swelling and pain until I have a warm shower and limber up. It’s hard not to be bitter and angry when all I want to do is be physically active. I’ve had to redefine goals… Probably no chance I doing a half marathon that was on my bucket list. I’m on a reasonably mild treatment regime compared to other PsA sufferers on this site but I’m breast feeding a newborn so my treatment options are limited for the time being. But in all the doom and gloom you will always find someone worse off than yourself and personally that’s when I try shake off the negativity, appreciate whats good and get back into life! Best of luck with everything!

Hello welcome. I have found out loads of information from this site not to mention support. I had a gap between having psiorisis when I was younger until my early 20’s and when I first got the arthritis symptoms in my late 20’s. then it was both. I hope you find the answers you are looking for

Hello, I’m glad you’ve found this site but not happy you’ve had to…there are many many discussions on here which may well help you to find the information and support you need. Its truly a wonderful place for when you need a good strong shoulder.

Welcome Charlotte!

I know that the treatment you will receive depends on where you live (I'm in Canada) and how much your doctor is willing to (or how much you make them) listen to you. I think I am not alone in saying that PsA "allows" you to get to know your body REALLY well and PsA patients are typically very in tune with how different treatment approaches are affecting them.

I am on a mild treatment regime right now, a lot of which depends on my diet and what foods I have, for the most part (except for occasional cheats!), cut out f my diet. I have found this helps me, but everyone is different. I have tried two biologic medications but had to stop due to unwanted side affects.

Don't be afraid to advocate and be persistent for yourself! Most have us have had to do that too. As far as medications go - I say go with what you are willing to try and what works for you!

Sue-Anne : )

(ps - I have never had my isotopes done, so I can't speak to that question!)

Hi Charlotte!

I'm so sorry you have been suffering. And I too know that dealing with chronic pain can become "normal" to us.

I was 1st dx'd with fibromyalgia in 2008. Just dx'd in Sept with P and a month later with the PsA. So I'm new here too. This is a great group and loads of information. I hope you find some relief soon. I just can't imagine handling medical school with PsA. But you really can do whatever you put your mind to. (obviously when pain becomes normal)

Keep yourself from getting too caught up in feeling sorry for yourself. I've found that if I allow myself to begin to do that then every little ache becomes monumental and overwhelming.

Thanks for the introduction and hope you are able to enjoy the holidays!


Hi Charlotte, welcome to the site. I am fairly new here but not new to PsA. I take methotrexate and humira for mine and still suffer from near constant pain so I know where you are there. I have found significant decrease in stiffness and pain with the treatments though and find I don't want to live without them. Look over the past discussions, there is alot of good information on the site. Good luck!


Warm Welcome. It may be cold outside (even Florida is cold today), but our hearts are still warm. As a medical student you may find even better information than me, but experiences I have.

Knowing you have relatives with the disease, you have an idea of the battles we go through. Still, each battle won is such a blessing to my soul, it is a win. What blesses me also is knowing what a wonderful doctor you'll be, since you can become a compassionate, experienced physician. Never give up, think of it as an experience in the medical field. Who knows? Maybe you'll be doing research that not only can benefit you but the whole world.

Enjoy the holidays and trust that this next year will be one filled with patience, new strength, and better health.<l- Merry Christmas!