Positive & Negative

Yesterday my hubby & myself went to watch the Golf in Charlotte. We followed Lee Westwood,Rory McIroy and Bubba Watson. It was really fun and such a positive thing to do. After about for hours of my pain building,I hit a wall of pain,I literally couldn’t go on. Fast forward today,my sofa,pain pills,Voltaran,& heating pad are my best friends. Would I do it again,heck yeah I would. I’m hoping to feel better by Sunday so I can go again!!!

That is awesome!! Not the pain you are in but the ability to go see the golfers. We went to a seniors tourney in Indianapolis one time, but would love to go see the PGA pros and to follow Westwood, McIlroy and Watson WOW!!!!!!

Hope you feel better for Sunday!

I am so glad you have something fun to look foreword to, though I am sorry for your pain.