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If anyone has time, I would appreciate your reading my profile about my symptoms and length of time this is taking. I was recently diagnosed and still feel somewhat like a hypochondriac because all my blood work has come back normal. Is anyone else’s situation similar to mine? Does it usually take this long? Are my symptoms typical?

Dear Laurie,

Welcome to the group! Please do not feel as though you are a hypochondriac, even though I do not share all of your symptoms, they are not alien to the disease. Here is just one link that will confirm that only about half of the people diagnosed will have positive bloodwork, though surely those statistics vary. It also lists many of your symptoms, although some definitions are even more complete.

I am curious to know what the Dr said about the purple toes.

Surely others will respond and be of great help to you.

Wishing you WELL,


Hi Laurie,

PsA is a sero-negative disease, meaning there is no specific blood test that will confirm the diagnosis, meaning, yes, blood work can come back looking fine even in the presence of active disease. Docs use the blood tests to rule out other conditions, and to monitor certain processes, such as active inflammation. But folks with PsA can be very ill with normal blood work. Fatigue is common symptom of most auto-immune illnesses, including PsA.

It can take time for docs to figure out the best treatment plan. There are several different meds, and other approaches, such as physical therapy that can help. It's tricky, though, because treatment must be individualized--what works for some may not be the best for others.

Hang in there. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time and hope you feel better soon!

Blood work has little to do with PsA. History and symptoms do. Here are several methods/criteria for Dx:〈=en

Okay, feeling better already after just three comments! Thank you so much! My feet turn blue because I have Reynard’s? That’s what Dr Spady said. I really appreciate the time you guys took to read my lengthy story. I guess most people with this disease have a lengthy diagnosis period. It’s just very frustrating to go 10 years with chronic pain and get no relief! And then to have my GP refuse to refer me because he does not think I have PsA when the Rhumy specifically asked for me to get a referral to see her! What an arrogant jerk he is! That type of thing makes people even more frustrated and depressed! This site is fantastic. Thanks again for the comments and support! God bless!

My daughter has raynauds disease and her toes turn purple and hurt, she also get cold very easy. My feet do the same thing, but I don't have to be cold for it to happen although I do get cold very easy. My rheumatologist coud tell this by looking and poking at my skin???

I have just been diagnosed (march) yet have been to so many different doctors over the last 10 nyears most who just tried to treat the symptoms. Many, many people have told me it's in my head' I'm fine blah blah blah. I had one Dr order a complete psych examination and I was "normal" whatever normal is. Now PsA is my norm and while I don't much like it at least I know what I am dealing with!! take care...


Dear Laurie

I suspected Raynaud's, I have it too, but was curious to know if he diagnosed it as such. Did he give you a vasodilator med, and has it helped? Winter is murder, even the frozen food section of the store is tough. My hands are worse than my feet, but haven't turned purple yet.

It is a real job finding 'your team of Doctors', I am fortunate to have found mine, they are my GP, who is an Internist, my DC, and my Rheumatologist who is also and Internist and a Univ, Prof. I have surely encountered the 'arrogant jerks', sorry to say. I guess we all have met a few on our journey.

The outdoor stores that cater to hunters, hikers, fishermen have many things like battery operated socks, gloves you can microwave, all sorts of great things to help keep us warm.

BTW, it took me 7 years for a diagnosis, but a car accident kicked this up, and I have never had psoriasis, so was hard to get answers. It sounds like you have a good Rheumatologist, that's always a plus.

Wishing you well,


I don’t take anything, I guess it’s not that bad. My best friend, who has Lupus, has it in her hands and feet. Out Rhumy said it was the worst case she has ever seen in her hands. She gets ulcers around her nails and her middle finger stays purple at the tip all the time. She was on a low dose Viagra.

Welcome, Laurie!!! You're definitely not a hypochondriac! It sounds like you're very relieved to have a diagnosis and to know that you will continue to be under a doctor's care no matter how good you're feeling.

Thank you so much. Not only that, but this site with its members has helped! Thank you do much!

Laurie, if you were a hypochondriac I can assure you that no rheumy would spend time with you. I think it's great that your friend's rheumy picked up on your sausage fingers and knew immediately what was wrong with you. That's a completely blessing. Also, if you weren't ill, the meds wouldn't give you the kind of relief you're experiencing now (another complete blessing.)

Also, you are not the only person to have "normal" tests. Another person just recently came on with the same thing. It seems that the tests take time to show what's going on in your body.

I congratulate you on getting prompt assistance and real, meaningful help for your illness. And you're in a great place here for meaningful support. Sounds like things are definitely improving for you, which is a WONDERFUL thing for those with PsA.

Eh, Laurie, there seems to be no shortage of jerky doctors who don't understand autoimmune diseases and never bother to educate themselves. It sure is annoying to run across uninformed doctors but I can assure you this won't be the only time.