Playing the Waiting Game

I finally found a rheumie who will prescribe a biologic and methotrexate for me. He's got me on MTX and is now doing the legwork demanded by the insurance company. I have decided that I cannot stall any longer....I really must have my first shoulder surgery ASAP. So I met with the surgeon and we picked Sept 17 for that date. As he questioned me further he had a look on his face like "I can't believe I agreed to this. My shoulder has gone from bad to terrible. I know that it's a huge risk....I also know that I cannot put it off longer. I can't get dressed or bathe myself. Just need to bite the bullet and trust God...I'm using my favorite anesthesiologist who knows just what is necessary to get me though and not kill me.

Since I last posted her I've also gotten the diagnosis of Sjogrens. This will make coming out of anesthesia pretty miserable.

If you have any words of wisdom or ways that I can comfort myself and survive this, please comment on here.

There are some tips that will make it go smoother, the anesthesia. You'll need to talk to the anesthesiologist about this. You didn't say what type of shoulder surgery you were having. . . Is a block an option? This would be less of a problem with Sjogren's. I was diagnosed with this last year, and will be having surgery on my thumb in a few weeks. For me, it will definitely be a block.

I think I saw tips on the Sjogren's foundation site regarding tips for surgery, or you can google it. I know for the eyes, you can use an ointment type lubricating material, and this can even be repeated during surgery. There were some tips here if you scroll down -

hi...I'm having a total shoulder joint replacement. For my last hip surgery they gave me conscious sedation but I'm not sure that is possible with the total replacement...It's a huge surgery I don't know if conscious sedation is sufficient. I will look at that link.


And make certain you speak with the anesthesiologist well before the surgery, so that you can figure everything out. Good luck with the surgery. Do I dare ask how many surgeries you've had related to PsA? And how old you are?

I'm having my first surgery, for a very unstable thumb joint, and will likely need to schedule for the other side within the next year or so.

hi Stoney....I am 50 years old. and thus far I've had surgery on my foot , athreroscopic surgery on my shoulder (which still hurt like heck to recover from., and I've had one total hip replacement on my right side and 3 hip replacements on my left side (I kepy having dislocations)...On Sept 17 i'm having the first of two future shoulder replacements and also need both elbows done and Isee future worsening of bad ankles and knees. It's insane and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

That's really rough, especially because one would think that once the replacement is done, you should be better. You've been through a lot already, so you've proven that you can make it through this.