Personality Traits

A post I've just commented on got me much do our personality traits affect our perception of living with PsA?

How do they affect our treatment regimes?

How do they affect how we perceive ourselves with PsA?

Any thoughts?

Funny I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I know that being an A type personality most of my life makes accepting my restrictions now so much harder. But I also wonder if a B type personality was buried deeply all these years. While I was a nurse and single mom for most of my adult life I also love to read and contemplate things. One of the things I hang on to in my disability is I can read to heart's content and think one thought all the way to the end without interruption! Such a treat! I also have been wondering about how the PsA affects how I think about myself as an attractive woman. There is the normal changes of aging and then there is P and PsA. Oh my. Some days I just give up and wear a house coat and hat! Other days I spend tons of time putting on my face etc.! I can't seem to make up my mind, fight it or let it slide! Too funny. Very interesting thread!

I know I no longer feel guilty for spending time reading...........I call it 'saving my spoons' ;)

I have always felt the need to keep on the go, that I've only really been able to rely on one person......namely me! I did start to panic when I have been in bad flares because I have worried about who will 'do it all'. But it gets done in the end ........ by me taking my time, or others giving me a hand.

I've always been a bit of a risk taker.......not massively so, but running the odd light, seeing if I can get away with the odd thing, not buying a parking ticket, on line dating! (lol, a lot of stories there!) does that mean I'm willing to take a risk of having the odd drink with the MTX although my doc says its unwise? (liver bloods are fine)

Having PsA has reminded me to enjoy the simple things in life, to take time to smell the roses, or is that me just getting older and wiser?!

I've always been under the impression that I had the locus of control in most matters in my life, health, happiness, etc.... but as I started to understand the disease and its effects on me, my belief became very shaky especially after being diagnosed type 2 diabetic recently. I started to question whether living healthily had been worth it, had I really made a difference?

My make up has always just been a bit of eye liner and mascara, so I do use them most days........I look at myself in the mirror and think, yep you'll do...........but I do feel different - older, sicker on the inside......but it just doesn't show except on bad days and most evenings when I'm tired...........just think I'm too vain to let it slide quite yet lol

I am definitely an organizer, research before making decisions, and curious. That all leads me to be on top of symptoms, new meds, and seeking ways of making my life easier.

I'm also a practical pessimist, which leads me to being prepared in advance for when things go downhill. When things get bad, I just admit it's bad and get on the phone and change appointments / kid stuff / let friends know I can't do things.

I often wonder that. I am a typical type A personality and therefore inevitably end up stressed and tired. I wonder if I was a more zen like person would I have the PsA flare ups. Interesting…