Pea sized lumps in the bottoms of my feet

While applying some lotion to my foot today I discovered a pea sized lump about dead center in the sole of my right foot! I checked my left foot and found one there, too! I thought at first maybe they’re supposed to be there, but I checked my daughter and husband’s feet and they don’t have any lumps. In further checking, I found that they seem to be attached to a tendon…I don’t know much about anatomy, so I’m not sure if that’s a tendon or what, but I’m a little concerned about these lumps. Does anyone else have them or know if they’re normal?

I have bumps on the tendons on the inside of my hand… no wear near that big though… do they move when you move your toes?

Or maybe something like a gangleon cysts? I would ask your doctor…

Yes, they do move when I stretch my toes up. I’m just glad they’re not painful.

As @Cynthia mentioned, they could be ganglion cysts. We are blessed with PsA to have a couple of other common cysts as well. Plantar fibroma cysts are fibrous and hard knots that are found deep within the skin of the arch of the foot. They are non-cancerous, and can be found in either or both feet. _A synovial cys_t is a small, fluid-filled sac that occurs on the top of the foot, or over a tendon or joint.

Tntlamb, I’d bet they’re the plantar fibroma cysts. They are deep under the skin and hard. What’s great is they don’t hurt at all. Do you know what causes them?