Paresthesia/dyspareunia symptoms

Has anyone else had these symptoms due to PsA? I have some permanent damage and still active sacroilitis (seems to be getting a bit better with a few weeks of Enbrel), and also have decent sized perineurial cysts in the S2 level of my spine. My doctors have referred me for PT and for spinal EMGs.

Paresthesia is not common from Tarlov cysts nor have I ever heard of dyspareunia (painful intercourse) as a result either.Tarlov cysts are almost always asymptomatic. I would warn you to be prepared for a literal pain in the butt when/if they do EMG's in that S2 area.

More likely than PsA or spinal damage is Sjorens or even possibly EDS. Tarlov cysts seem to occur with EDS on a fairly regular basis. Sjorens is a not a terribly uncommon co-disease with PsA. The most common occurrence of the two together is with Sjorens. Paresthesia by itself is very common. Dyspareunia of course is common with age. There are medications now, but there are some fun home remedys for the dryness too.

Ben's friends has boards for both Sjorens and EDS. SK (who has PsA as well as Sjorens) and helps out here from time to time moderates both. There are links to both from the home page. It may be worthwhile to pop in at either or both. I'm sure the subject has come up

I'm 27, so I doubt it's age that's the problem, and I'm thin and healthy so it just doesn't make a ton of sense... I will look into those two conditions. I'm very suspicious of my rheumatologist's guess that the Tarlov cysts are the root of those particular issues, as was the spinal orthopedist- he thinks it's sacroilitis causing pain and possibly something like EDS. I'm tempted to agree with the guy who suggests PT before sticking needles in my spine.

Good plan. The tarlov cysts just don't compute. And I gotta tell you EMG???? ONCE was enough. I can NOT imagine what these guys are contemplating.................

I think it's curiosity- a bit of medical intrigue. I read up a bit on Tarlov cysts and the documentation is pretty dubious for the most part. The orthopedist said he'd only seen symptoms start after bone loss/thinning- not when the cysts were just sitting there, as mine are. I'm going to put that off as long as possible and do the PT, see if that helps the hip pain.

I've been having periodic pins and needles/tingling/burning on my hands, feet, and face for a while. Didn't realize it could be related to PsA. I mentioned it to my PCP and he said I should take Vitamin B.