Pain Relief

From my blog, rannygahoots:

Pain Relief

There are different kinds of pain. These past few weeks there hasn't been much I can do about physical pain. With concerns about health problems, a busy season in our homeschooling year, and financial stresses brought about by medical and vehicle issues, I wasn't finding much time for me - or for nurturing my spirituality. Emotional and spiritual pain are things I take seriously, and so off we went, to a place of healing, where I could hopefully regain spiritual and emotional balance. A sacred space. Somewhere dear to my heart and good for my soul.

Camp Calumet Lutheran in New Hampshire.

My heart leapt as I glimpsed the mountains in the distance. Home. I was going home.

Calumet greeted us with a beautiful, dusky lake. A walk barefoot in the sand was just what I needed - that day, and in the days to come. To feel the sand between my toes, to feel more connected with and to the Earth was a blessing beyond measure.

Connecting with old friends and making new ones, we settled in for what proved to be a fun and inspiring weekend.

There is something about a campfire that says community to me. As we gathered to sing, laugh, tell and listen to stories, and share our faith, I couldn't help but watch as the firelight danced on my children's delighted faces. Whether resting my head on my husband's shoulder or cuddling a child or two on my lap, campfires were a time of family togetherness, as well as "Calumet family" bonding.

Out on the lake with my children, a sense of calm washed over me. The lapping of the water at the side of the pontoon boat; the children's excitement and wonder as they watched loons dive beneath the water's surface or a bald eagle soar over the trees; and the beautiful vistas soothed my soul in a way that not much else can.

Each morning and afternoon I sat on a bench overlooking the beach and beautiful Lake Ossipee. Sometimes I sat alone, in silence, sipping coffee. Other times, I chatted with another person or two. Most of the time, my children were playing peacefully on the beach as I looked on, giving thanks for the blessings they are and those they bring to my life.

As the water caressed the shore, I felt God caressing my spirit, reassuring me, calming me, centering me.

A couple times, on the way back to our cabin, I made a brief stop at one of my favorite places at Calumet - the outdoor chapel. Serenity lives there.

The weekend went by much too quickly. On the last morning, we found it difficult to say goodbye to this place. The curve of the beach called to us to walk it one more time. The bench welcomed me for one last time of prayerful rest before our journey back. Back to busy. Back to health issues. Back to struggle.

Back, but not the same.


Glad you had a chance to do some healing. We all need to do this once and a while :slight_smile:

wonderful post! beautiful.

Rejoicing with you.

very nice, nym, and the pictures said what words didn't. How lucky for you to live amongst such beauty and to have loving family and friends. Thank you for sharing your heart and struggles.