Pain in the Bum

I've been having terrible SI pain (Sacral Ileac)...It makes it impossible for me to sit in the recliner in my room. I also hae a recliner in the living room that is more comfortable...however it has a very stiff bar that you have to pull to be able to get back into sitting and then standing. It's on the right side which is the arm I'm getting done. I can do it with my feet so although it's not easy it IS possible. However, the recliner in my room is electric so getting in and out is not a problem What IS a problem with that recliner is that sitting on it gives me intense SI pain. The only thing that helps me is laying on my hospital bed. Why is it that people say laying in bed is so impossible following a shoulder replacement? If you have a hospital bed (as I do) is it still impossible to sleep or lie in one? Please, those of you who've had a total shoulder replacement, please tell me why a bed is impossible and if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

I’m guessing because its hard to get back up again on your own. It may also help with swelling (not being upright) and that helps control pain. There is always the off chance that your could roll onto your operative side and really regret it.

My guess is this: if you go to rehab post OP, that when you get home, it won’t be such a big deal. You will probably have better control over your surgical pain and be better able to get yourself up and down. For your recliner, you could use a step stool to push yourself into the correct position with your feet. Then kick it out of the way once you are settled.