Pain help please

hello i was wondering if anybody else expieriences this my left arm hurts so damn bad it throbs and feels like someone is constantly punching it it hurts to try and lift my arm and my neck is so stiff it hurts to drive i have no medical insurance so going to see someone is out of the question i applied for ssd and was shy 2 credits and for ssi they told me to divorce my husband and they would help i am in pain all of the time i cannot sleep because it hurts or i go completely numb from layingdown and my hands are dropping things alot because the fingers are all swollen if anybody knows what i might try to help i would appreciate it.

Where do you live? I can find you a clinic.

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic but if you a are only 2 credits short for SSD and qualify otherwise, it shouldn't be too terribly hard to earn $2,260 of wages in a 12 month period to get those last credits.....

Theresa I am sorry you are in such pain. I had pain like that in my right arm, shoulder and neck; it was dx as tendonitis and bursitis. I used ice and heat plus an anti-inflamatory. The one thing I know is pain=damage. Maybe you could go to a free clinic for a solution. Hope you find relief soon :)