One Question

From my blog, rannygahoots:

I came across the website Fifty People One Question that contains videos of fifty people who are asked the same question and the answers they give.

One of the questions is, "Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?"

Some dreamed of tropical locations or reconnecting with family members. Some didn't care where they woke up, as long as they were with the person they love. Others, happy with where they are in life, would choose to wake up in their own beds at home.

For me, the answer was simple. Ok, maybe not simple, but it was a concrete thought as soon as I heard the question. I would want to wake up in a nice handicapped accessible house with at least two bathrooms. This house would be fully paid for and the title would be in my name. It wouldn't need things fixed, and would have enough space for my family, but not too much space. A nice piece of land, with a place for a big garden and chickens would be nice; with woods, and a stream... in New Hampshire. And since it's a wish, it would have a library with floor to ceiling bookcases and reading nooks, a workshop for my husband, a hot tub for us all, and the exterior would be painted purple.

I want to wake up in a safe, accessible, comfortable, stress-free house.

Now the question is ... where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?