Newbie here!

Hi everyone, I’m a 48yo library assistant, diagnosed with psoriasis 20 years ago and PsA 4 years ago. Neither condition is currently under control for me, and I don’t have a lot of understanding/support from my husband, so I guess I’m hoping to learn some strategies for coping with both the condition and the lack of support. Glad to have found this forum!

And we’re glad that you found us too. What treatments have you tried? Does your rheumatologist have any plans for what’s next?

Our group can get pretty chatty, once we get going. Tell us your story! Ask questions! But don’t ask for advice: the motor mouths here will get on a roll and when that happens … LOL


Hi MarianneS, Motor Mouth calling!

4 years seems a long time in the wilderness with this disease & like Seenie I’m wondering what treatment you’ve tried so far and whether anything has helped at all.

The thorny issue of partners and family not ‘getting it’ is one that many of us struggle with. But you’ll find understanding here for sure. Very glad you’ve joined us.

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I’ll keep my mouth shut (or my fingers still) until we get more info about the treatments you’ve used. You have friends here who understand what you’re going through…