New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year y'all. What are your resolutions? Mine are:

1) listen to my body. If I'm tired, actually STOP and REST. Don't just carry on and hope it will be ok.

2) Find a cure for PsA (long shot I know but if they can send rockets to Mars surely they can find something that actually works for PsA...)

3) Do more exercise, even when things hurt. A bit of swimming always makes you feel better Gwynneth and you know it.

4) Stop trying to be perfect all the time at everything. Sometimes barely adequate will do nicely in a situation, this will reduce those nasty cortisol levels.

5) Stop spending money on shoes. And handbags.

Instead of making resolutions, I choose a word for the year, or perhaps the word chooses me! For 2013 my word is Kyrie. Here's why...

To see the beauty around me everyday, and to take the time to appreciate it

To step out with my camera more! Also to walk more often.

My new years resolution for 2013:

Make positive decisions and work hard in all aspects of life; in family issues both emotionally and financially, in course work, in staying healthy both physically and mentally, and in contributing to the good of society. Make every decision count towards the betterment of my life and the lives of those around me.

Mine's to keep my glass half full & spread joy instead of whining.

Mimi B - you have a good point. 0:0)

I agree with all of the above but #5! My weakness is shoes and purses, 2 things I simply cannot give up! Sigh, but I guess it would be best if I tried since I now have a closet full of shoes I can no longer wear because walking/standing in them is impossible. But on the bright side, that just leaves me more money to spend on purses!