New and wondering about diet

Although I am newly diagnosed, I had taken Enbrel a few years ago just to deal with my scalp psoriasis. I quit when things cleared up and summer was approaching. Shortly afterward I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I seriously doubt my cancer is related to Enbrel as is my Dr. I wasn't on it that long. After reading many of your stories I realize that I have a mild case, but the pain is still real. There is one toe swollen since early Jan. and the pain can sometimes be felt in adjacent toes. I had also just begun to change my diet to include a pretty large amount of veggies & fruits, no dairy or grains (well trying at least) and cutting way back on sugar. This was before my diagnosis. As I get more informed, much of that diet is recommended to boost your immune system. I would like to be sure that I will not be working at cross purposes when I do begin Enbrel. It seems like a no brainer since it is a healthier life style but I just want to be sure. Does anyone know of websites that will help me decide what to do. This year I have had more colds than ever and I am not yet on Enbrel. Any suggestions are welcome. I suspect this is not a "one size fits all" sort of situation, but I do believe in the power of group support. Thank you for any light you may be able to shed.

Cancer treatment will significantly lower your immune system (thus the colds)...... Did you take any chemo for your cancer? The most common is of course a drug used at about 1/100 - 1/1000 the dosage for chemo. if it would have an effect I'm guessing it would have during your cancer treatment. Did it???

Your diet is great and many of us get along well with it. But just a hair splitting thing the last thing we need is our immune systems BOOSTED. That's the problem to begin with...... In fact some of us rather enjoy being "sick" from time to time, we tend to go into remission when our immune systems get weak or otherwise occupied......

You have a unique set of circumstances but if were to guess, Enbrel or similar might be just the ticket. NSAIDS are hard on the gut, not a good thing for you. If you have had pretty aggressive cancer treatment you have had plenty of prednisone and DMARD drugs for a while. It may be that PT, and topicals (massage, hot cold packs, TENS. ointments etc) may be where its at for you for a while. Stay in touch please......

March will mark my 2 year anniversary of completing chemo. During chemo my psoriasis cleared up beautifully. It just wrecked havoc on the skin of my hands and feet.. It took a while for the psoriasis to return. I would be happy with topicals for the psoriasis, but then the toe got swollen to the point where walking was painful. I was very fortunate that my cancer was detected early. A colon resection might have been enough, but the fact that there were only 3-4 lymph nodes to check as opposed to a dozen or so we decided to go the chemo route. Since I do feel good, I just figured I have recouped from all of that. However, you are not the first person to tell me that it will take time to fully recover. I guess I just want it all better and I want it NOW. Thank you for the perspective.

MTX (I hate to say it to you- having had ALL the side effects for very real) is very effective against that peripheral stuff. Congratulations on the first battle, this one will be piece of cake for you!!!

FWIW colon cancer is not one of the few types that have ever been associated with the biologicals.