Neoral capsules 100mg - bad reaction

Oh dear - just two days on Neoral and I awoke with sore and bleeding gums. Couldn't believe it when I checked it out in my bathroom mirror. I tried cleaning my teeth and around the gum area and it just caused more bleeding.

I checked the "side effects" of Neoral and found that this was caused by the medication.. so emailed my doctor and advised that I would be stopping the medication as I have had gum disease in my past and it was a costly experience and didn't want a repeat.

As soon as I stopped the medication my gums returned to normal - thank goodness.

The timing was perfect as I was leaving for California to visit my family and was worried about the blood tests that were required every two weeks.

So I am back to taking nothing.. until I return and visit with my doctors.

Managed to get a "sleeper seat" for the 14 hour flight from New Zealand to LAX and my ankles and knees did not swell. I wore travel sox and kept my feet elevated for the flight.. I did get leg cramps twice and had to walk the isles.. but overall.. the flight was extremely pain free…

So I have tried all the necessary "oral" medications and have been allergic to all three… Hopefully I will have more luck with Enbrel.. otherwise.. I guess I will have to let nature take its course.

You didn't mention when you plan to start Enbrel, but I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!