My kind of people

I think it’s funny how you develop your tribe. Or tribes. This site is one of my tribes. On Tuesday I traveled to Raleigh, NC, for a symposium. It was only for one day and I spent almost twice as much time traveling as I did learning. But I got to spend time with another one of my tribes and that was really refreshing and professionally rewarding. Went back to work this morning and reconnected with the office tribe. And I think the tribe of pets at home have forgiven me my absence. I’m feeling lucky to have so many tribes. Each offers its own culture, traditions, language, costs and rewards.

I’m grateful to be a member of this tribe.

I love your philosophy of groups in your life being tribes. This is a beautiful way to describe our circles and I see all around me the tribes in my life. I get this as I use clans or tribes to describe families and friends as well.