Muscles and rashes

I know I have seen periodic posts on muscled and PsA so I am guessing there is a connection. I also have FM though so it gets jumbled on my end. Can those with muscle issues just pass on some off the issues. I seem to have new things popping up - though it may just be they are pin pointing things now.

Also, I know it effects the skin but other than in my hair this is also new. I have a couple places that are developing dry patches with a rash near it. I've been putting lotion on it but wondering if this is connected to the PsA and if lotion is even helpful.

I am taking Humira and it is helping the pain but there just seems to be so much. Is this illness just going to keep progressing til I become a total invalid?

OK, this post started as 1 thing and became another. I guess it is overwhelming and frightening me