MTX take on empty stomach or with food?

My rheumy was vague about this detail and I am unsure of whether to take it between meals or with food. I just want to get the most out of this treatment and if it matters one way or the other I want to maximize the effect..

Hi!..Definately take it with food!...Some say take carbs with it, to ease stomach upset.

I've been on it, 17 yrs, no probs except extra bathroom trip.....a little stomach upset, not bad

I took morn and evening generic Prilosec on Mtx day.

I always take my pills with a meal, or couldn't swallow them..

good luck, hope it kicks in fast for you, may take a few months, take care

Hello :slight_smile: I’ve always had my MTX in the evening after a meal, this was the advice I received from my Rheumatologist. He suggested to take it in the evening about an hour after a meal. Another Doctor suggested to also go to bed early, drink plenty of fluids before dosing and after to keep myself well hydrated to help my kidneys and liver cope with the drugs.
The other thing you can do is ask a pharmacist for advice on any drugs you are taking, this is a routine thing in the UK, they are only to happy to explain the best way to take the drugs they dispence