MTX pills/injection, cortisone shots & Depo

After trialing meth pills, I asked to go on injectable meth. It is helping BUT at a cost; 2 days in bed with hangover, (4th time now), foggy head, tired; feels like I worked a night shift. Did not get this hangover on the pills. No more, calling rheumy tomorrow, what next...

I've tried sulfasalazine and arava with BAD side effects. Also, I posted that meth pills cleared skin of psoriasis, and it's coming back now with the injection, which is more than I took compared to pills, so not sure why? I did read somewhere that injections don't help with skin psoriasis.

For the ladies: I'm on Depo Provera to rid the monthly cycles as when this happens it causes a full body PsA flare up. My Dr. didn't allow me on it as I wasn't using it for it's intended use (birth control) and I was on it 12 years with no issues). I said I need it now due to PsA pain, she allowed, and now I'm having breakthrough bleeding....not fun.

I had 8 cortisone shots in my shoulders and the clinic didn't tell me it interferes with women's cycles, AND interacts with Depo Provera. Well, that was one BAD 'ride'. Worst 'girl' pain I'd ever had along with the 'flu and psa flare all at once. And, worst PMS I'd ever had, so beware if you have shots and are on depo.

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