Methotrexate Monday

It's just a Methotrexate Monday

I take it on Sunday

Not a Funday

My "I don't have to runday"

It's just a Methotrexate Monday.....

Anyone wanna try their hand at the next verse?

Pain is off the roof, gotta be to work by 9,

even if i had no pain i still wouldn't make it on time

it's just a methotrexate mon-dayyyy

We need some imaginative peeps to give us some more verses. C'mon peeps!

mimiB said:

We need a music video !

Its just another non-work dope day,

After my dosing Sunday,

Fuddled, space cadet Monday,

All day laying in my PJs,

Its definitely a spacy MTX Monday


Everything aches

everything hurts,

if I have to move

it's only in short spurts

it's just MTX Monday......