Methotrexate and MTHFR

When I was first diagnosed about two years ago, I was put on MTX for 2 weeks and it really helped. I stopped taking it because the tops of my feet near the ankles were turning bluish, I was starting to develop incontinence, and it all freaked me out. I later learned that I have a heterozygous mutation on my C677T and A1298C MTHFR gene and that MTHFR mutations could lead to mtx intolerance. For those not familiar, an MTHFR mutation could inhibit folate synthesis and we may not have toe ability to process folic acid. Supplementing with methylfolate could help.

What I want to know from some of you is if you have had side effects from MTX and whether switching from folic acid to methylfolate helped your side effects.

Probably you need to decide whether you are going to work with a Naturopath and voodoo tests and them selling you some very expensive and worthless supplements or your Rheumatologist and stick with one or the other (one is MUCH better than the other)

Methylfolate is an OTC supplement. It does NOT replace Folic acid. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American College of Medical Genetics recommends against testing for common MTHFR gene variants. Common MTHFR gene variants have not been proven to be a concerning risk factor for anything. The College of American Pathologists, the American College of Medical Genetics, and the American Heart Association also recommend against testing for C677T and A1298C. This is because results have little impact on a persons medical management.

For gosh sakes stay OFF the MTHFR mutation sites. One in four have a varient unless they have some hispanic heritage and then its nearly everyone. (a 25% occurence makes it far from an abnormality but it sure is a cash cow for the quacks)

Not sure why you developed blue blue ankles or some level of inconitinence with MTX, but these are not rported or confirmed side effects at this point. You need to take that upo with your prescribing physician ASAP.