I have been recently diagnosed (within the past year. Shofar I am taking 6 MTX pills, tried Embrel, but I developed bad welts. Tries Simponi, and waiting for my prescription of HumeraReview to arrive. I know that I am extremely sensitive to medications, but my question is…how many more meds are available. I know that I have erosion happening in at least two areas of my body. Help please…

Humira, Stelara, and Remicade are the only other biologics that I know of. Don’t be discouraged yet. I know it’s hard when you disease is out of control and you fail a medication (or it fails you). However, you have three drugs left to try, and there are more in the works.

It is so frustrating when you are trying to find the right combination of drugs, but you really do have to try to stay hopeful! I will keep you in my thoughts.