I had been having some swelling in this left arm--the one with the improperly repaired shoulder replacement, so three weeks ago, I see my shoulder guy. I walk out of there with a diagnosis of lymphedema and a referral to lymphedema therapy.

First therapy was yesterday. The therapist, whom Paul and I really like (and who is also a James Bond fan), says surgery is the main culprit but the c-spine issues are playing in the band also. She taught Paul how to do lymphedema massage and I'm to wear a compression bandage while I'm awake. The arm actually feels better and there is less swelling.

Since the surgery, I'm out of 24/7 pain. I don't have much more function--I highly doubt that will change with the revision surgery and a "fix" to the rotator cuff because there was just too much PsA damage . Can't get rid of the c-spine issues--PsA damage is done there, too. I got called "complex" again.

I'm smiling because there's nothing else to do. PsA is a wild ride, no two ways about it.

I’m so glad that they took care of sending you to a lymphodema specialist. It’s an unfortunate complication, but it can be managed. I have a friend who’s been dealing with this for years as a result of a mastectomy.

I got called "complex" again.

I hope you wouldn't have it any other way. The alternative is no compliment!!! Hope the therapy continues to give you relief.