I have a lipoma on my upper right side of my stomach. Have it removed or not?

I guess you have to make some decisions. Is it sufficiently bothersome to have it removed? Will you need to come off meds, and if so, is it worthwhile? If it can just be done in office, you may decide that it's worth it to get it removed. But they don't all have to be removed is my understanding, right?

I get lipomas. The squishy ones that are not bothersome I do not have removed. When they get hard and round like marbles and are wedged in muscles and itch/bother I have them removed. They do not become cancerous so can be safely left alone. When my father died he had a huge one in the middle of his forehead. I think I would have that removed also.

I have a few. Call it irrational, but I won't have any of them removed. No reason to tempt fate. The risk of infection is too great for vanity. (If I looked like I was growing a horn out of my head I MIGHT consider it. Had a few on on my elbow that daily grinding on my desk have eliminated. The hard ones on my finger, a good square wack with a hammer have broken up. Every surgery is another nail in your coffin even if an office procedure.