Like Magic

From my blog, rannygahoots:

Someone recently commented to me that I make life seem so magical. The only response I could think of was, "Wait - what? But life IS magical."

There is magic in every day.
There IS magic in every day.

See the light filtering through your blinds and all the sun fairies dancing in the sunlight? No, no - that's not dust! They are sun fairies. Trust me. A child told me so.

Look around - just try. Try easier. Yes, easier. When you try too hard, you don't see the magic. As a wise child once told me, "Magic happens, Mama. We can't make magic, we can just see it or touch it or feel it or be it or change our insides to help it happen."

We are enchanted by the sweet face of a sleeping baby, bewitched by a full moon looming large on the horizon, and hypnotized by the images conjured by an expert storyteller. Every breath we take is magic, as we fill our lungs with life and exhale stress.

Look closely at anything in nature. Look at the detail. Look at the shadows. Look at the movement. Magic lives there.

There is magic in a teenager's scowl, in a toddler's tears, and in a spouse's frustration. Each is an opportunity for love, and love is magic. Love can transform a moody teenager into a content and possibly even joyful young adult. Love can transform a toddler's tears into a giggle and an argument into understanding. See? Magic!

A scent that transports us back to our childhood, a taste that evokes memories of a person or place, or a touch that assures us that we are safe and loved oft seem more a spell than a reality.

There is magic in the world, you just need to open yourself to the possibility of it. You canspread magic. The contagious nature of smiles and laughter contain their own magic. Try it. Smile as you pass someone in the grocery store. Seek out sounds of laughter as you travel through your day and you may just find it difficult not to smile or laugh in response. Look at the world with wonder and gladness and share it with others - spread love, joy and magic wherever you go.