Life as I now know it

Okay, so when exactly are all of these medications going to work? And I feel like a huge baby whining about it but I just really want to move on. When I take everything my DR prescribe I feel no pain but I also don't feel anything else ..... I am Zombie Mom, Zombie Kindergarten Teacher and as soon as I yank myself out of bed on a school day, I almost immediately start thinking about when I can get back in it ! When I cut back, the chest and back pain are so bad I feel like a baby elephant is sitting on me. My nine yr. old is already telling me she knows I can't (insert activity here) because of my "authoritis." My husband is trying to be helpful and understanding but he is pretty much doing everything and just attributing to taking over to how tired I am. It just seems to make me feel worse and incredibly guilty. And the scary thing is, when I read what everybody else is taking, I feel like a huge wimp because I am "only" taking Lodine (can't take Indomethicin because I seem to have out-of-body experiences when I take "2 capsules 3X a day"-although I don't have any pain when I do take it), Sulfadyzine (sp), Plaquenil, Celexa, folic acid and Caltrate. I haven't even gotten to the big time yet.