Just trying to cope and accept

I haven't written in four months because I was trying to hard to stay positive and let the Humera do it's job, but all that changed two weeks ago. I have been taking MXT for 9 months and every Sat & Sun all I could do was sleep, not eat much due to the nausea. I literally lost every weekend, just to pull it together enough to continue to work. Rhumy has now taken me off MXT and I have had two ?normal? weekends. I had been noticing my eyesight was declining and last week one of my incisors broke off. After having my eyes checked I was told that I have a cateract in right eye AND the next day I went to have my teeth cleaned and was told 20 of my teeth need work from "dry mouth syndrome" which means I probably have Sjorgren's disease. I am appauled how my body has turned on me and I'm angry that most people just don't get my condition because I look the same (well heavier and have lost half of my hair). No outward signs, so they don't undertand how draining my condition is and how much effort it takes to just get up and move forward. I guess I am having a pity party for one today!! My thoughts are totally consumed by how I feel, and that is not how I want the remainder of my life to be....thanks for letting me rant.

I’m so sorry. That’s a lot to take in all at once. I hope that you are able to get on top of things. I started treatment for Sjogren’s four or five months ago, thankfully with little damage. I’ve been using restasis since then, as well as Evoxac, and just had punctual plugs put in this week. I’ve also been using a prescription toothpaste. Definitely make certain that your providers understand the issues you are facing.

I think most of us are going through or have been through something similar. My husband looks at me with pity in his eyes sometimes. I feel useless sometimes. I hate to have to put him through this. I have always been a self-sufficient person and I do not want to burden my husband with having to take care of me.

TEHawk, Thank you for the encouragement. I doubt your husband feels pity for you and would gladly carry your burden if he could. Unless you live with PsA or with someone who endures it, they just don't know how much the conditions effect our entire lives.