Joint hypermobility anyone?

Does anyone also experience joint hypermobility.

My joints were hypermobile until now since they are swollen. Always have been flexable in all my fingers and thumbs

Yes. I've always been very flexible (until recently) but I don't know if there is a correlation or causal relationship to the disease and hypermobility. I did gymnastics when I was young.

I had hypermobile joints when younger. In high school I was a gymnist that could do some amazing routines on bars and beam. Now I am very stiff and have to keep moving to keep what mobility I have. I have often wondered if my hypermobility was a precurser to this disease bt have never seen it mentioned in the research.

I too have wondered if there was any connection but I haven't found any research either. The only thing I found was a relationship between anxiety and ligament laxity. Personally, I believe there is a connection and I'd like to see some research conducted. I played multiple sports and was always known as the accident prone one. I've had multiple ankle injuries, knee reconstruction, finger and wrist sprains, low back issues, total shoulder replacement last year...basically an orthopedic nightmare.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m searching for answers to this very question!