It’s worth it in the end! Or...discovering my inner man

I had my first colonoscopy yesterday as my GP felt I was due once being over 60. The prep isn’t the nicest but not a big deal. The hospital staff was excellent and the doctor was very good. I decided to have it without any of the usual anaesthetic so I could drive there and back. I found it very interesting to see the entire plumbing and the removal of one small polyp. This procedure absolutely saves lives and the peace of mind is well worth it in …in the end. If you haven’t had one…go for it!


I’m glad that the experience went smoothly enough for you. I’m crazy impressed that you did it with no anesthesia. and of course, I must point out that your title is just brilliant.

Thanks @Stoney. It is typically a one year wait for the scope. GP felt it was urgent due to the meds I am on and wanted a base line assurance of a healthy colon. I got called a week after she made the request. Is there a risk of col-rectal cancer with Humira, MTX or Sulfasalazine?

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Not specifically and not specifically col-rectal cancer either. But the Patient Information Leaflet for the three biologics I’ve tried mention the risk of cancer. I believe that’s solely ‘legal’ stuff becuse they’re all messing with your T cells. So maybe that’s why you ran up the list so fast.

And yes I thought your title was brilliant too but when I read you did it without an anaesthetic I sort of shuddered at the thought of enduring that altogether!

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After a bit reading and a conversation with a friend that has annual scopes without meds, I decided I would give it a go without sedation. The Colon doesn’t have any internal nerves, I watched them snip off a polyp and felt nothing. There was some strongish belly cramping but no sharp pain. The pain in my knees and feet is many, many times worse than the colonoscopy. I really don’t like the induced inability to remember experiences and conversing with the doctor while watching the screen and all that he did was amazing! Sedation has its place of course but this was a commercial free 40 minute show that left me well informed…but no popcorn was offered!


Maybe you are lucky. My doc started me at 50. My first one was interesting. They gave me something that was supposed to knock me. I was watching on TV. Then the doc said “that doesn’t look good.” I asked what didn’t look good. Nurse said “you are awake?” “Yes, I am watching.” She gave me something else and that was it. They found 5 polyps when I was 50. I had to got back in three year because of that of that. They gave me general anesthesia that time. I don’t think the docs want you awake. I had three that time, so I had to go back in three more years. On that one, I one had one, so I don t have to go back for 5 years.

It is an experience, but all men should get them after 50. All men over 50 should get an annual PSA test also. It save my life. My doc had been treating me with antibiotics for about 5 years because my PSA numbers would be up each year since I was 50. He would retest after the antibiotics and it would be down.

When I went for my annual at 57, my doc called me at home on Sunday and told me my PSA was 8. I had to take a strong course of Cipro. He retested me and it was still 8. He sent me back to my urologist. The urologist had already told me after my numbers being up a few years earlier that if they stayed up I would have to have a biopsy. He gave me some really strong antibiotics and retested me 2 weeks later. My PSA was 10. I had the biopsy a week later.

A week later he called me at work and told me I had cancer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was a 7, and a bad 7. He gave me my options but said with the progression, I should have my prostate removed. So, at 57, I had my prostate removed. I didn’t have to have radiation because they ran a genetic test on the tissue and said it was not genetic

Now 5 year later, my last test was all zeros. Doc said he was very happy because of how progressed it had been. Both my docs were so surprised I had cancer because they never felt anything on the digital exam…

Guys, once you are over 50, please get tested every year! It may save your life.