Is this sad or what

…so I was at my rheumy earlier, and he forgot to sign some papers for remicade…this was like noonish…I had my husband run back at 5 to get them signed…I get a txt from my 11 yr old who was with him…“mom I found the seat you were sitting in mwahahaha” yep my DNA aka flakes were left behind and he knew I was there… Anyone else have this problem ? I hate it! I’ve had piles of flakes in cars , floors , Anywhere . Ugh!ive never been great abt putting lotion on as I do t see it removing the flakes…also has anyone heard ear and the other inflation test being 143 and 130 yep I’m way way way inflamed…starting remicade this week or next. Sorry abt the rant

It sounds like, as bad as you think it is, you have a sense of humor about it, which is good. I don't have that particular problem, but for a while, until I shaved my head and then went with SHORT hair, I was leaving hair everywhere I went. Considering my hair was purple at the time, my family would joke with me all the time about me leaving a trail behind me.

Ok the above was messed up with auto correct…it should say…inflammatory tests .