Im taking everything and nothing works

hello everyone , im on everything you could imagine and im not getting any relief and im so depressed i feel like offing myself sometimes because im so young and dont want to live in pain for the rest of my life so i have deff thought and tried suicide and im still here fuck. anyways im on humira injections, folic acid, mothotrxate high dose every week that makes me sick and klopopin and hydrocodone and tramadol for pain and that makes me sick too i cant hold my food down but i think id rather through up all the time then be in pain i also cant work anymore so i am going for social security idk anymore just please help me oh im also on cymbalta for depression thanks everyone so happy i found this site really need some help........give me all your questions inputs what u think any opinoins or stories will help thanks again!! oh and i have two kids lil boy almost two and lil girl almost 7 and a loving husband but when we ment i didnt have this and always was able to contribute to the house hold finacaily and all , and now i feel like a burden because i cant work and i barely can clean and im not trying to be lazy im in so much pain then when i get up to clean i throw up from moving around but my girlfriend says im a clean freak but anyways im only 25 yrs old i have talked to all my doctors about social security they say i have a good case anyone know about that? Or any of my other problems thank you so much and nice to meet you!

Hi Jessica, First off, let me start by saying you have 2 children who need you around, so stop the suicide talk right now. I know how you feel. We all do. We are angry, depressed, and I am the queen of wallowing in self pity as of late, but we need to stay in the world, if for nothing else than helping others who are going through this, and you never know what tomorrow will bring. I am recently diagnosed with this wretched disease, but have had symptoms for years. My doctors just ignored me when I complained. I'm having surgery soon and can't take any meds because of this and the pain is horrible. I tried Methotrexate, but it made my liver angry, so I had to stop. I don't know what my doctor will try next, but I'll try anything and everything to make this better and be able to function again. You need to make an appointment a.s.a.p. with a good counselor so that you have someone that you can vent to and cry to and help with your depression. Next find a new doctor who can help you with your medical diagnosis and treatment. There are many drugs out there and you need to try others. Mostly you have to find it somewhere within yourself to be strong. You have brought 2 beautiful children into this world and it is your responsibility to be there for them. Imagine all you would miss if you weren't here. Please get help and start "living" the best you can with what you have. Keep in touch. Sheila

Hello, Jessica. I'm a newby myself around here. Only been a member for a couple of weeks, but I HAVE found that this site is the absolute BEST PLACE for advice, understanding, and overall caring! And, I'm an explorer of sorts, and in my exploration of this support group, I noticed at the top of the page, under the heading "Help", there is a phone number we can all use to chat or ask for crisis help. It's 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Just click on the "Help" button on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Come on, Jessica, you found your way to us. Now just hang in there, and maybe make that phone call?

Let us know how it's going. We're all here for you!

Hello Jessica, it sounds like you're in a very dark place at the moment I'm sure its the depression making you feel this low and once you and the doctor get that under control I'm sure you will feel more possitive about life. Make sure your doctor knows just how low the depression is taking you and that you are having suiciadal thoughts. Keep talking to people and dont bottle anything up. Take care of yourself, Rachel x

thank you everyone for your support i really need it right now my mom was supposed to come see me today and she decides not to show up and i feel like she is all i have left and she didnt come thats upsetting and i dont really let my daughter know whats going on or that i have this she is to young right now to understand but i know she has to wonder why dosent mommy ever even leave the house! i will explain it to her when she is older i dont want to scare her or upset her because i know when i was a 6 yr old lil girl my mommy was everything to me. but thank you everyone for your support and yes i am currently seeing a sychatrists sorry cant spell that good as you can see but i am seeing that doctor once a week for 10 mins thats what my ins pays for lol