I need patience, now!

I gotta admit, I hate getting shots. Not that I'm afraid of needles or anything, but I've been getting allergy shots every two weeks for many years now. In reality I know it could be worse, diabetics often times need to get shots multiple times a day, so I shouldn't complain.

I'm gonna whine, anyway.

I started my allergy shots what seems like a bazillion years ago, figuring after a time I'd be able to go from every week to every two, then every 3, to once a month, and possibly be as lucky as once every 2 to 3 months. I was all excited over this, because maybe I'd be kicking my allergies' ass and only have to deal with the shots on occasion.

Well now, my immune system has proven to be incredibly stupid in the whole "hey, this stuff isn't the enemy, dummy!" arena. After attempting to go from 2 to 3 weeks I discovered that it was way too much to ask for it to remember a whole 3 weeks and would react like it was my first shot. Stupid, uppity immune system, I mean, seriously...it's just a week more!

My allergist (who is great, I must say!), said that allergies are often a symptom of broader immune issues, said it was possibly a sign of something else going on. Especially given that I couldn't make the next step without relapsing. When I told him I was finally diagnosed with PsA he told me he wasn't surprised, and would've been more surprised if I didn't have an autoimmune issue. Now painful shots, complete with extensive reactions, sometimes grotesque swelling, and a couple bad anaphalactic reactions. To top it off my immune system thinks I'm the enemy, too! Yay!

That all said, I'm sitting here really wishing I was getting my Remicade infusion. I was very hesitant to start infusion, the idea of being hooked up to an iv for a couple hours or more every few weeks wasn't terribly appealing. Considering how I disliked my Enbrel shots, and hate the allergy shots, I am amazed to find that I can't wait for infusion, that I hurt so much I really want to march into that room, redolent with the scents of the medicines that everyone is being pumped full of, and plop my big rear in a recliner, offer my hand for the needle, and feel the cold as the medicine starts its trip up my arm into my aching carcass.

I never would've thought I would need patience to go in for infusion. I really wanted to see about getting it a couple weeks ago, when the effects were starting to wear off but my insurance decided they were going to deny paying because of a "billing error".

Now I want my infusion. I'm getting it on Friday, just a couple more days...

Now I need some more patience...

Right now!

You are so funny! But, I should have known that when I saw your name--who in the world comes up with a name like "oh look, a chicken!"??????